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Subject:my amazon wishlist
Time:11:26 am
i post this every year:)

here's my holiday wishlist.

*eta: If you (general you) want to buy me a gift and you need my address, just pop me a pm and i'll supply it..and i promise i won't ask for what you bought me (and i don't peek either). Or another option is just an Amazon Gift Card itself. 
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Current Music:"Cast Away" Soundtrack
Current Location:my bdroom
Subject:Drill ride & Christmas Party
Time:09:01 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
i was privilaged to be invited to do the drill ride demonstration for the barn's Christmas party.

Unfortunately i do not have a video of the drill ride, i did manage to get a pic of me all dressed up in official formal dressage clothes.

The drill ride went really well, but i did hit a snag.

While we were waiting in our lines to enter the arena, the people who do the vaulting had their horses standing a few yards away and one of them was wearing the little ear hats..except their had felt antlers on them..and April kept staring at them very uncertainly. while we were waiting, i just let her look and soothed her.

We began our drill ride and all was going well....until just before the nd when the vaulting horses had been moved to the outside side of the arena and April was having none of that. She shied away and spooked and wanted to run away. i circled her to the center of the arena and made a wide circle and talked to her and managed to get back in line in my place and finish the drill ride without running into any of the other riders.

When it was done, Ms Noreen and Vanessa said i did a wonderful job of staying on and keeping her focuseed after April paniced and then getting back into the swing of things. :)

After drill, i helped April get ready for her parade costume ride..and then i saw Caleb in his costume..and i just HAD to get a picture of him.

After all the festivities were done we went into the hay barn and ate until we felt as though we would burst.

Yup, today was a good one.

Pictures!Collapse )
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Time:02:58 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Praise the gods!

i landed myself a really, for real job. With hours, and benefits and a dress code and everything..in a office..with a cubicle! 

i start on Monday it's a 2 and a half week training class and then once i pass the test (which should be simple enough) then i get to get started proper.

for now my schedule is M-F 8:30a - 5pm.

It was the first job i interviewed for..and i never expected to land it...especially with my...adult work...on my resume..but i didn't have anything else to put for employment for the past 5 years...so i was just honest.

$11 an hour is going to make things tight...but believe it or not that's actually making more than what my current job is making..which will be a relief..it's guaranteed money every 2 weeks. 


Now all i have to do is completely reverse my sleep schedule. Good bye sleeping until noon. Hello waking up at the crack of dawn!
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Subject:well then
Time:02:44 am
Current Mood:sadsad
Winter broke up with me tonight.

Said neither of us is in the proper place in our lives for a relationship because she is going through her stuff and i am working through some things as well.

i'm sure she's just speaking from a place because she's scared. 

But fine.

Push me away, keep me at arms length and judge me for some hard choices i had to make, even though i didn't like them.

i am me.

i may not be proud of some of the choices i have made in my life, and if you judge me for some things i have done, then that is on you only.

i will move on to better things, and find someone who will not judge me for my past.
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Time:12:13 am
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
Obama won!
As a woman i am safe!
As a lesbian partner to my girlfriend we are safe!
As the slave of a transgender owner, we are safe!
Had Romney and his brood won, it would have severely impacted my household and a lot of people near and dear to me in nothing but a negative way.
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Subject:i made gumbo tonight & i love my parents
Time:01:29 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
yup, i made gumbo tonight. chicken and sausage.

M and i are attending a free potluck/park party tomorrow with Miss W and i figured i would treat everyone to some authentic cajun cooking!

i made gumbo a few weeks ago and it was a grand hit..and M has also requested that i make another batch this tuesday for her gaming group. and since i love to show off my Louisiana cooking, i certainly don't mind.

my Mama sent me a gumbo care package about a month ago with all the authentic spices and fixings that i just can't find here in Texas.

i <3 my Mama!

Thanks to hurricane Sandy, my work suffered a LOT this past week. i barely made $250 for next week's check. i normally make anywhere between $500 - 650 per check.

Next week out cable/internet bill is due, my riding lessons are due (slightly overdue actually), we still need groceries, gas for the cars.

i worked my ass off to get the little bit of what i did on the check AND dipped into my savings so we can pay the bills...but i was short my riding money. and i hate, HATE owing people money.

So...i asked my parents. i don't like asking them for money because i'm an almost 30-year old woman. i should not have to be asking my parents for money. But i didn't have a choice, i did everything i knew a responsible adult does ..and i was still short.

And my Daddy...my wonderful awesome daddy told me "You're my daughter and if I have it to give or not, you will get what you need. That's what Daddies do and you never ask unless you really need it. Love you."
And Mama called and told me she loved me, and not to worry or apologize. She would be sending a check in the mail to cover my riding lessons on Monday.

When i got off the phone, i cried.

i have the best parents in the world.
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Subject:what my altar is/is not
Time:12:12 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
What my altar is:
  1. A small bit of sacred space
  2. The place where i meditate and/or pray
  3. The only bit that i ask be only for just Hathor-related items (my stuffed cow, a sexy posed doll, my jewelry box, incense burner, little heart shaped doo das, occasional offerings, ankle bells, etc) These things are very carefully and purposefully arranged and hold meaning to me/symbolize something Hathor holds sway over.
  4. An expression of my spirituality.
What my altar is not:
  1. some random table
  2. a place for you to stash your:
  • books
  • kindle
  • notebooks
  • empty water bottles
  • empty candy wrappers
  • ponytail holders
There are 3, yes THREE other vanilla places in my bedroom that can be used to stash your things. Four if you count the bed. Just because my altar is the closest one to the bedroom door does not mean you can just put your random whatever on there. 
You of all people should understand that. i do not go and just dump random crap in the dresser drawer you designate for your magickal items. i don't even *open* that drawer out of respect for your personal space.

Do not get annoyed with me, tell me "I don't like being told what to do/where I can or cannot put things!", "Hathor doesn't mind." when i have repeatedly asked you not to put your things there or when i move your things from the altar to the other table that's less than a foot away from my altar! (really. it's one, maybe two extra steps..how hard is that?!?) and yes, i act annoyed when i do it!

i am seriously considering moving my altar to a different spot in my bedroom just so you will stop doing the one thing i have asked you not to do. BUT i should not even have to consider doing that.
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Time:01:50 pm

While trick or treating with my girlfriend and her daughters we walked down to the local park where folks were handing out candy and i walk past this gentleman..i didn't think much at first until i *really* looked and thought to myself ...hey wait a minute!
Pinstripe suit, square glasses, sticky-uppy hair, converse...Could it be?
The Doctor halloween (1)
i walked up to him and went "Excuse me, are you The Doctor?"
He said i was the only person to recognize him, and he was very happy. i asked i f i could take a picture and he said yes.
He even struck a Doctor pose!
Then we compared sonic screwdrivers (mine's just the keychain one)
He let me give him a hug.
The Doctor halloween (2)
After that i smiled at him and said ""I just wanted to say 'Hello! Hello, Doctor! It's so very nice to meet you' "
i made his night by finally recognizing him..and my night was made.
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Subject:Happy Samhain!
Time:12:32 am
Happy Samhain to my fellow Pagan friends!

Happy Halloween to anyone else!
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Subject:Eventing show!
Time:10:28 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Without further ado..i give you my Evening show!

i put music to the video because there was lots of talking.

Also the little skips during the cross country is because my friend (not the one filming) touched the electric fence and my camera lady made sure my friend was alright.
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[icon] The Life me
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