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[icon] update time. the barn, my life, personal ramblings - The Life me
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Subject:update time. the barn, my life, personal ramblings
Time:01:57 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
i picked that icon because well, it just fits.

it's been about a month since i've updated and let's see if i can get all the important bits going. Let's start with

The Good Stuff:
[The Good Stuff]
1) This is probably my best piece of awesome news. Our friend A is moving out of his house into a new one. He has offered to let us rent his old house for the same price we pay for this apartment.
his house is a 3 bed/2bath/2 car garage with a backyard and a fireplace. And did i mention the kitchen is awesome?
He's also leaving us the appliances as well.
Yes, we will of course have a renter's agreement with him outlining all the details and so forth.
But he's already said we don't have to pay the rent in one lump sum, we can split it up however we see fit, as long as it gets paid, or even have the rent due date being anytime during the month where it's more workable for our finances.
We have a move in date of early April..hopefully the first week of April.

2) i managed to find the Earth Goddess statue for my altar that i wanted to get and i think she looks lovely! i will definitely be frequenting the local metaphysical shop more often.
Goddess statue (4) altar flowers (5)

3) i've been progressing really well with my horseback riding. Although i've only been able to have one lesson a week, because Saturdays are so packed that it's insanely crazy. i managed to get ONE Saturday lesson in and it was non-stop people and just overwhelming for me. i'm actually glad i can only go once a week. i was hoping to do the dressage show this coming weekend..but..more on that below.

4) For my birthday my parents have paid for 6 weeks of lessons. and they will be in town in 2 weeks to celebrate all the upcoming March birthdays..so yay! i get to see my mom and dad!

5) i've still got the office job that i love. And although they've changed my schedule twice, it's still a good job.

And now..for The Bad Stuff

[The Bad Stuff]1) Our apartment office managers are douche bags. Yesterday M went in to give them our rent (ON TIME)...and they told her they would not accept our rent because we owe $717.86 in late fees. They said that because our rent was late for two months in a row (usually only by a coupe of days) and that the money we paid for rent was not paid in full. We always paid our rent money in full. They said that the money we paid for rent, they took out the late fees we owed first and then applied the reminder of the money towards our rent..and so it was not paid in full...and now we owe the remainder of the past rents plus all the accumulated late fees for those incomplete rent payments. And while it is illegal in Texas for a landlord to take late fees from rent money, because our renter's agreement with the apartment states that they can apply the rent payment in anyway they see fit, we can't just refuse, even though we have proof of paying the rent money in full.
So...after much calculation..we figured we can have the rent paid plus the $717.86 plus the ADDED late fees for this month because they wouldn't take our rent on time...IF we don't pay our cable/internet bill this month, if i use all of my savings, M uses all of her savings, plus the first paycheck she is getting from one of her new teaching classes (so much for buying new furniture when we move) plus my paycheck next Thursday and don't buy any groceries next week and live off of ramen noodles...we'll be able to pay the office.

2) And because our apartment manager's are douche bags, the entry fee money that i had saved up to be in the dressage show this weekend..gone. i mean it was only $25 and yes there will be other dressage shows, but i had been working hard all winter to prepare for it. More practice time i guess?

3) At my work on Friday they laid off 12 people. At once. Fortunately i got to stay, but they are starting to chop heads fairly seriously, and i'm beginning to wonder if i will be next. And they changed my schedule, again. But at least i got a choice this time. Now i will still work 10 hour day
s, but with Thursdays off instead of Wednesdays off.
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[icon] update time. the barn, my life, personal ramblings - The Life me
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