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[icon] random dressage happiness. - The Life me
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Subject:random dressage happiness.
Time:05:55 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
Just wanting to update today.

i was FINALLY able to make it back to the stables after having to cancel my last two lessons from being sick.

and today was a group dressage lesson, once again on April, and i must say something's improved because April was down and round nd on the aids for about 50% of the one hour lesson..MUCH improved over the lessons i've had in the past where she just won't...or i wasn't signaling correctly.

i could tell when i was having enough pressure on the reins and when to use my leg.

But i still have trouble with the fact that April is a one or the other horse..there is no inbetween with her.

When she's down and round and i ask her to trot, she TROTS. like the fastest trot she can do without actually cantering. :/ when i try to pull her back but keep the trot, she walks. And i'm doing half halts while going "whoa whoa" and putting pressure with my leg..but she's an all or nothing horse. which i suppose we'll need to work on. i know she can do it..but she likes going fast. 

i'm also finding i'm having trouble keeping my left leg where it's supposed to be. The lower half likes to swing when i'm posting or cantering. and it's not supposed to do that. 
need to find exercises to strengthen it.

and because i don't think i've ever shared any pics of April on here...

April (1)

April (2)

And i heard Vanessa talking today about some mini show they'll be having in Feburary with show jumping.

Maybe i'll see if i feel up to doing it.

Jumping, while i love it, lately has been a great source of stress and anxiety for me.

i don't think group jumping lessons are my thing. i think jumping should be a private lesson thing for me. i feel too nervous in group jumping lessons. i always feel i'm in someone's way.
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Time:2013-01-13 01:18 am (UTC)
Beautiful horse!
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Time:2013-01-13 01:53 am (UTC)

i often wish she was mine, or that i could at least half lease her..however i'm not that rich.
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[icon] random dressage happiness. - The Life me
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