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[icon] update time, happy new year and more! - The Life me
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Current Music:"Sakura Fabuki" from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Subject:update time, happy new year and more!
Time:01:20 am
Current Mood:sicksick
Oh where to start...

well i had a decent Winter Solstice. Not many presents..i did get the beautiful pendant tha harnessphoto ot for me. (Thank you by the way! It rarely comes off!) but the lack of presents doesn't matter because K came over and i was able to give him his present...i didn't get a video of him opening it (for which i could kick myself) but i did get a picture of him with it...i bought him an authentic drinking horn..which he says has not left his truck..and he uses it at bars.

His shirt btw has the Empty Child saying "Are you my Mummy?" and Darth Vader going "NOOOOOOO!"

After that we started to make breakfast for dinner...M made bacon, breakfast sausage and smoked sausage while i tried a new buttermilk pancake recipe.. which turned out delicious and i damn well want to make it again.

Originally it was only supposed to be M, T K and myself...however my friend April-chan and her bf didn't want to spend the day alone so they got invited over..and then my friend R called because his family was being a bag of dicks and he came over as well.

While eating we all sat around to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special..and K literally screamed "MOFFAT! NO!" at the end. We all laughed.

And then Dec 31st...i get sick. i was supposed to go to my friend Matt-kun's house for a NYE party but noooo. i had to come down with the worst head cold i've had in years.

i had hoped i would  be able to go into work but no. i had to call in sick on Wednesday..i tied to go into work Thursday..but only made it about 4 hours before i was told to go home and call in Friday so i could rest.

so i did.

and i'm still not completely over it, but i'm better than i was and by the end of this weekend i should be feeling much better.

my mom also sent me her home made fudge recipe..which i am dying to make..come on weather cooperate with me! i need a clear day with low humidity!

i also managed to reorganize my altar to Hathor so it doesn't look so cluttered anymore. i may post pictures of that later.

But speaking of altars, i have also put up and very minimal Earth Mother Goddess altar. i am still doing a lot of introspection on this one, but since close to the beginning of Winter Solstice i have felt i need to also shift some focus to the Mother/Earth Goddess as well. This is still going to take some introspection and, when i can breathe properly again, some meditation. But until then..here's what i have so far. i just used things i had in my apartment...but eventually i want something a little more elaborate if it's something that should be pursued.

i do know eventually i want one of the Millennial Gia statues..simply because i've had my eye on it since i was 19 years old. So..saving money..here i come!

mother goddess altar (3)
Here it is. Like i said it's VERY minimal because i'm working with what i have.
mother goddess altar (4)
Here is a small statue of The Mother Goddess i've had for probably 10 years. i got her in a small metaphysical shop when i lived in Louisiana. i've never come across one exactly like it again.
mother goddess altar (1)
mother goddess altar (5)
The two horses are on either side as frames because i associate horses with the earth and being earth type creatures
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[icon] update time, happy new year and more! - The Life me
View:Recent Entries.